Meet a Student

Keith Johnson

Environmental Conservation Studies, 2013

Jonathan Corriveau

Environmental Conservation Studies, 2013

Elizabeth Sterndale

Environmental Conservation Studies, 2013

Jeannine Louro

Environmental Conservation Studies

Susan Torman

Environmental Conservation Studies and EcoGastronomy

Students in the ECS major

ECS Students

  • develop a solid foundation in natural sciences,
  • discover how political, institutional and economic systems relate to environmental quality and,
  • learn to manage human activities, sustaining the Earth's ecological systems using critical thinking & problem-solving skills. Learn More »

Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

Florence Reed

Sustainable Harvest International Florence Reed, (right) and SHI participant farmer, plant tree seedlings in Belize. Learn more >>

Heather Ellis

Heather Ellis, FIRST Sustainability Coordinator, in Organic Garden at St. Michael’s College. Learn more >>

Collecting water samples

Students collect water samples - View field/lab work >>